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Hot Lap With J1 Kart #211 Talan Martin

Saturday, September 14, 2019

-Tell us about your racing background and how you ended up at the Lucas Oil Regional Series:

My Dad and Uncle AJ have been racing off road since before I was born so I have been around it my whole life. I always knew that I wanted to follow in their footsteps. My dad bought me and my little brother Gavin a RZR 170 when I was 4. That started my love for all things off road.

-Family seems to play a big role on most regional teams and we see your family at the track with
you at every round. How important is your family to your success and what roles do each of them
play on race weekends?

Family is everything to me. My cousins, Cade and Brodie Martin, both race and we all pit together. We all cheer each other on and help each other with our karts. My big brother Tyler, and my Dad prep my kart. My mom and my sister are my biggest cheerleaders. The Junior 1 kart that I race is actually my little brother Gavin's kart. He can't race right now because he is fighting brain cancer for the 2nd time. I hope I can bring home the championship for him in his kart. My kart is actually the J2 kart, that I race as well.

-What is your advice to someone looking to start out in short course off road racing?

Come to the Lucas Oil Regional races and check out all the teams, pits and cars! Then call Brett at BND to buy a winning kart.

-What is your favorite track and why?

My favorite track is Glen Helen, because there are a lot of turns and a long straight away and I like going FAST!

-When you're not at the track, what can we find you doing?

Jumping on the trampoline, driving my Crazy Kart and hanging out with my friends.

-How much time/work goes into preparing for each race weekend?

Lots and lots of hours of work, just ask my big brother Tyler.

-What/who is your biggest challenge on the track?

My big brother and my Dad both spot my biggest challenge is trying to figure out which one to listen to when they are saying different things in my ear at the same time.

-Any goals for the next few years or beyond?

Next year I want to race a Mod Kart and eventually I want to race a Pro 4

-We know it takes a lot of support to race and you seem to be backed by some great companies. Is there anyone you would like to thank for their support?

Sunset Sign Designs, M&M Cutomatic, BND Performance, Doug Fleming, Ultra Wheel, Lucas Oil, Hoosier Tires and my brother Tyler, my Dad and my Mom, my sister Kiely and my brother Gavin. GAVIN STRONG