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Hot Lap With Limited Buggy #382 Gunner Kennedy

Monday, September 9, 2019

-Tell us about your racing background and how you ended up at the Lucas Oil Regional Series:

My racing background all started at the Lucas Oil Regional. This is all because of my dad. He used to race in the Limited Buggy class and wanted to get me into racing. I first started driving when I was around 9 or 10 years old in the Jr1 class.

-Family seems to play a big role on most regional teams and we see your family at the track with you at every round. How important is your family to your success and what roles do each of them play on race weekends?

Without my family I could not be doing this. My dad is my spotter and mechanic. My mom is the cook and helps make sure our setup is always looking good. My sister will come out to races for some extra support and some great motivation.

-What is your advice to someone looking to start out in short course off road racing?

My advice for someone wanting to start racing is to start small and just have fun. The limited buggy class is a great class to get started in a learn some great techniques for driving without breaking the bank.

Often those who start off in the bigger classes like Pro Lite or Pro Buggy end up giving up after a season or two due to things like money.

-What is your favorite track and why?

My favorite track has to be Glen Helen due to its jumps. However, I would love to see another track with jumps bigger than Glen Helen kind of like Lake Elsinore.

-When you're not at the track, what can we find you doing?

When I’m at the track I’m either at my pit fixing my car or I will be out riding pit bikes with my friends.

-How much time/work goes into preparing for each race weekend?

Normally for my dad and I, we will wash the car after the race weekend then put it back in the shop and wait till the week before to start looking over the car and getting the trailer ready.

-What/who is your biggest challenge on the track?

My biggest challenge on the track is definitely Matt Brister. Last year when I raced the 1600 class I was watching his lines and trying to figure out his setup and now since we are racing together we are both really close to each other on times.

-Any goals for the next few years or beyond?

My goal for next year is to get a limited buggy championship in the Lucas Oil Regional and also go to race the Crandon World Cup. I will also hopefully get some seat time in our pro buggy.

-We know it takes a lot of support to race and you seem to be backed by some great companies. Is there anyone you would like to thank for their support?

I want to thank Kennedy Equipment, General Tire, Dirt Bagz, DFT, PCI, Signpros, Factory canopies, Kartek, and Lucas Oil Products.