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Hot Lap: Kyle Knott

Tell us about your racing background and how you ended up at the Lucas Oil Regional Series: Since I was little I’ve always wanted to race a Jr2 , but the funds weren’t there. I tried everything to get myself in to a Jr2, but my tactics didn’t work. When I was a little older I started going to the races with Ron Carter and helping him. My passion grew more and more for the sport, and then next thing you know my dad bought an old 1/2 1600 so I could start racing. I raced desert 1600, and I was pretty good at it. Then my dad bought me Bradley Morris’s old Raceco limited buggy.

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0716 debarti tsr

You are relatively new to short course racing (although you appear to be a pretty fast learner). Tell us about your racing background and how you came to race at the Lucas Oil Regional Series: I have no background in racing. My only background is just having a blast with my family and doing sports or anything fun together. We have never had time to stick to one sport/thing because my parents always had my brother and I doing something fun constantly, along the lines of camping, dirtbike riding, snowboarding etc. Growing up I wouldn’t stop doing something until I had mastered it. That involved a lot of focus and determination but I wouldn’t stop until I was satisfied. Anything mechanical I’m a fast learner at. I just won’t stop doing something until I figure it out.

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panorama corp regional

Can you give us some insight on your company? Panorama Corp is a licensed contractor in the State of California and Oregon. The company is based in Alta Loma, CA. We are a Civil General Engineering Contractor specializing in public, residential, and commercial grading and asphalt paving. Our main focus is in the public works, schools, and residential construction market. Check out panoramacorp.net

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051816 hugo reyes tsr

How did you start racing? I always wanted to be a race truck driver since I was a little boy. Growing up I always had a passion for cars and trucks, that's all I grew up around. As a kid, I loved going to the Off Road Expo which to me was my version of Disneyland. One day when I was sixteen, my father and I found a truck on the Internet in Arizona that was almost Regional Series ready. We then bought the truck, looked into the Lucas Oil Regional Series and started building/completing the truck for its first race! That was honestly the coolest thing I have ever done in life! None of this could not have been possible without the help of God, my family (especially my dad) and all of the other mini stock drivers.

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051816 yamaha racing

Corona, California (April 1, 2016) - The Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Series-Southern California is pleased to welcome Yamaha Motor Corporation as the 2016 Checkered Flag Sponsor.

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